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Final Paper on Sun Tzu - Freshman Essays

Final Paper on Sun Tzu

Final paper is expanded work on previous paper with additional 2 pages focusing on a real word decision…….original attached

The second paper is an expansion of your Mid-Term paper that is to be 5-7 pages long when complete. (Your title page and bibliography do not count towards your page count) If previous feedback has been received, you will take such feedback into consideration, and adjust your thesis as necessary to create a single, cohesive essay. After demonstrating the proof of your thesis with logic and other strategic theories, you will select a real-world strategic decision and show how it further validates your thesis. Do not use a decision reached by the theorist, or one informing his thinking… which means you’re looking for a practical example separated in either time or distance from the theorist. Feel free to consult the professor about topic selection, and know BOTH PAPER TOPICS before you begin writing the first paper.