Final Paper Review

Below I have attached the essay, I need you to add at least one or two more full pages in the correct MLA format. I have already completed everything else.

So be sure to revise the citations to show the database and URL so I can look them up myself. DO NOT COPY FROM GOOGLE. ATTACH ALL WEBSITE LINKS. USE COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF PHILADELPHIA LIBRARY DATABASE. I’LL ATTACH THE LINK HERE:…


  • Is your paper a minimum of SEVEN full pages (7 & 7/8ths is too short) but less than TEN full pages not including the Works Cited page (which is a separate, last page or two)?
  • Does your paper employ between five and seven sources (or a couple more), including Carr’s The Shallows?
  • Is at least two sources from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals?
  • If you have any websites, are they .gov sites?
  • Are all of your sources (other than the .gov site) from the CCP Library databases?
  • Are all of the sources in your paper from your final and complete annotated bibliography?
  • Did you cite your sources using MLA format and style?
  • Are your in-text citations accurate and correct?
  • Is your Works Cited page, the last and separate page from the paper, in standard form and in alphabetical order?

4 days ago

The essay has to be at least 8 full pages, not including the works cited page.

Also, please arrange the annoted bibliography in alphabetical order, thank you.