Final Project – Personnel Psychology

For the final part of your Final Project, you submit your literature review. Additionally, you should incorporate your Instructor feedback and additional research to submit your updated problem statement, purpose statement, and research question(s) and hypotheses. Submit your Final Project by Day 7.

The Assignment (8–10 pages: Not including title page, abstract, and references)

  • A literature review using 15–20 articles related to your topic (job analysis, competency models, training and development, or selection). Use the “Final Project Template” document to organize your review.
  • Gap(s) in research of personnel psychology
  • A problem statement using the “Final Project Template”
  • A purpose statement using the “Final Project Template”
  • Research question(s) and hypotheses based upon the gap(s) in research
  • APA Format

Your Final Project must also include a title page and an abstract page and background, literature strategy, and references sections. It must be based upon scholarly literature and the Learning Resources presented in this course.

Submit your Project by Day 7.