Finalize Selection of a Funder

Assignment: Finalize Selection of a Funder

As you have no doubt discovered, locating an RFP that aligns to your project idea is a big task. The search can be complex, requiring skilled use of key words, the capability to navigate different web sites, and the ability to critically evaluate a funder’s mission and goals as well as its guidelines for funding. You also need to decide whether public or private funding is most desirable for you and consider why. With consideration to feedback you received from your colleagues for the three RFPs you posted in this week’s Discussion, and to the continued analysis of your search results for state, federal, and foundation grants, in this Assignment you will finalize your funder selection.

For this Assignment:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to Chapters 4 and 6 in the course text.
  • Review the notes you kept on your web searches. Make sure you have a clear idea of how your search process proceeded.
  • Decide which funding agency and RFP you are going to select. Keep in mind the feedback you received from your colleagues.

Assignment (2–3 pages, excluding citations)

Address the following:

  • Identify your selected funding agency and include the title or description of the grant for which you will apply. Add the most appropriate link (URL) for identifying the RFP.
  • Did you have to modify your project at all as a result of your search? If yes, explain why and how.
  • What are the selected funding agency’s goals and applicant eligibility?
  • What makes you confident that this RFP is worth pursuing?
  • How do you evaluate RFPs?
  • What type of search engine did you use?
  • Finally, explain why you selected this RFP.