Fire suppression and detection systems

After reading the MGM Grand Hotel Fire Case Study on page 419 in the Fire Protection Systems book and the NFPA Technical Report on the MGM Grand Hotel Fire, write a 2-4 page paper that describes fire suppression and detection systems as presented in building construction plans.

Given the Case Study and Investigative Report of the MGM Grand Hotel Fire by the NFPA, review the hotel layout and plans of the building, report pages (8-12) and the summary and pictures on pages (49-57), to determine how the smoke and fire spread throughout the hotel.

Identify and describe how at least four fire suppression and/or detection systems are used in the construction plans.

Provide the advantages of using smoke control and smoke management systems in buildings for the occupants and for fire departments during a fire.

Support your rationale with a minimum of three credible resources. (

Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.

Include a title page and reference page

Textbook resource: Jr., A.M. J. (2015). Fire Protection Systems, 2nd Edition. Jr., A.M. J. (2015).