First of the four part paper

This a work with 4 parts. I’ll to choose the same person for all parts.

  • Part 1
  • Chose a company or industry (it could be your present or past employer):
    • In at least a minimum of 1 page provide:
  • Title Page
  • Abstract (You already know what the paper will entail)
  • Overview of the organization i.e. background of the company, mission statement and vision statement (where applicable) Include its products/services, size, location etc.

Cite and reference your work in APA format.

  • Use MSWord ®
  • Double spaced, text font size 12 (titles and headers maybe 12-16).
  • APA style
  • Appendix format (research information, charts, graphs or other visuals should be placed in the Appendix section, where appropriate)
  • Bibliography (sources of information, cited references, etc.)
    • Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (see list provided)
    • The textbook can be used as a reference.
  • Title Page with Title of the assignment, Students’ Names, Date, Course, & Instructor’s Name