fix the paper The Social Construction of Gender in Shopping Malls

this is the title of the paper: The Social Construction of Gender in Shopping Malls

*The mall is Tysons Mall and it’s located in virginia, USA…

please answer the questions just as if you were actually in the mall and have been to the mall. take note that this mall is the best mall in the area and it has everything. The days I went are Friday for 2 hours and Saturday for 1 hour Nov 17th and 18th. Please follow the instructions carefully. and answer all the questions You MUST follow the instructions and guideline very carefully.


Your essay need an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Please do not include my questions. Just include your answers. Please write a separate paragraph for each question. eg paragraph one you will introduce your thesis statement, and you will say the major objective of this research was to analyse the social construction of gender in the the shopping malls. State that your focus was at Tysons Corner Mall and that you conducted an an observation of how gender is constructed, then you you include all the information in question 1(i) to 1(iv) . You must include a detailed background information about Tysons Corner Mall, Your background infomation about Tysons Corner Mall in your paper is great, just expand it a little more. Also talk about the type of shops, restaurants, and and other services provided such as ATM, Hair salon, Phone repair, Massage, entertainments, etc etc Then paragraph 2 will be about question 2, How it is set up? Please write how the mall is set up!! Describe it in detail. How many floors, what store is where, what is in the hall ways, where are the bathrooms, the entrances, the lights, etc etc Paragraph 3 will be Who was there talk about the majority of them- For the majority of each group (Waiters, bartenders, customers, employees, etc) -estimate their age, racial/ethnic background for men and women, how men and women were dressed? An example: the majority of waiters were black women of African origin age between 20-30 years old.etc etc. etc or the majority of customers at the mall were were Asian females, aged— and— The men who were there were mostly…. etc etc Paragraph 4 try to separate between men and women, etc etc….. Please provide more details about the interation among customers, customers and employees, and employees with employees. etc etc Please write a conclusion. Overall great job!!!, you just need to organize it a little bit more and provide a little bit more details and make sure you give examples and answer every question Let me know if you need further assistance.