Folkway assignment – Violate a folkway that is neither illegal nor immoral.


(30 Points)

Violate a folkway that is neither illegal nor immoral. You might select a behavior that is inappropriate for your age, sex, or even race/ethnicity. For example, you might wear mismatched shoes for a day, wear overly formal clothes to an informal gathering, eat with your hands instead of with silverware, speak in a foreign language to a salesclerk, strike up a conversation with a stranger in an elevator, or greet your parents as Mr. and Mrs. Instead of Mom and Dad. Record the reactions you elicit, answering the following questions. Do not use any of the examples. Do not recollect an event that happened in the past.

  1. What did you do? Why was it a violation of a folkway? Write the definition of the term “value” as described in the textbook with the proper page citation (MLA or APA). What *“value underlies the folkway you violated? (10 pts)
  1. How serious was this violation? How was social control evident? Describe and label the reactions that you received while performing this exercise. In other words what type of sanctions did you receive- (negative/positive, formal/informal)? (10 pts)
  1. How did you feel about what you did? How important are folkways to social life? Has this folkway in particular become more or less important (to you personally and to society in general)? (10 pts)

*Use the definition in your textbook for this term