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I need a 150 word response for each of these forum posts.

1.) Hello class, I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I look forward to reading your posts.

This week I chose to write about the “Veil of Ignorance” which doesn’t directly affect me in any way but it is a topic that I have always been interested in. This is a peer reviewed article which made it even more interesting to me after learning exact what all of the hoops are that an author has to go through in order to have their work be classified as peer reviewed. The way in which I found this was by picking one of the readings from the Supplemental Reading list. After I narrowed it down to which one I would like to use, I simply went into the advanced search bar in the APUS Library and narrowed the search down to peer reviewed articles. I then typed the article name into the search bar and after verifying that it was the same article I came to the conclusion that it was peer reviewed. The claim of this article is that when it comes to the certain style of traditional clothing that Arabic women wear, it is slowly changing with the times. The author supports this claim with personal experiences by making statements such as, “I found it startling and moving to see how the Islamist emphasis on social justice had been transplanted to a democratic, pluralist society committed to gender equality and justice for all” (Ahmed, 2011). The author used the Toulmin method to me because of the fact that he made precise arguments using personal experiences and even brought in the arguments and experiences of others who have differing opinions. I personally have never used the Toulmin method so I am hoping my essay for this goes well and I hit on it the way in which I was supposed to. I really love with this method how you pinpoint not only your main point but you attack the arguments that others may have on it as well. I think my critical evaluation essay went well although the main thing that I needed work on what cutting down direct quotes and to work on paraphrasing which I tried very hard to do with this next essay.

Ahmed, L. (2011). VEIL OF IGNORANCE. Foreign Policy, (186), 40-43,10. Retrieved from

2.) I picked the article during the current weeks gathering by the name of “Veil of Ignorance” by Leila Ahmed. When searching for an article to expound on this particular one basically on the grounds that we were required to pick one, and this one appeared to be fascinating when I read the first few sentences. When I started perusing this article, I’d seen that it was similarly as fascinating as I’d figured, considering concerning why the veils were worn in any case to how throughout the years it’s begun to disappear in general in society. The present issue being talked about in the article doesn’t have any coordinating impact on me, also, this article is peer explored.

The reason being is because of the way that it’s expressed as a scholarly journal while expressing the source sort. By and by, I feel that the claim in this article would be that Ahmed had contended that “gradual and careful change in the status of women,” including women’s casting off their veils, was now an essential step in the advancement of Muslim societies, and “not contrary to the principles of Islam” (Ahmed). She at that point expresses that demonstrating her claim by giving out dates and certainties from her own particular perspectives, and those of Islamic writers. Albert Hourani had brought up how the veil was a quick and vanishing practice in the most Arab social orders and how wearing the veil was becoming more uncommon (Ahmed).

I trust the author’s utilizing the Toulmin technique, while, she speaks about the wearing and not wearing of an Islam veil. In Islamic social orders, a few ladies feel that it’s ill bred not to wear a veil, though, others feel that it isn’t important to wear one. With Ahmed’s numerous examinations in the photos towards the finish of the article, you can see exactly how much the decades changed over some undefined time frame and how they continue to change over time. I don’t think I’ve ever utilized this style of contention sometime recently, despite the fact that, I’m happy to be adapting increasingly about it, and how to have the capacity to utilize it for sometime later in my journey to my degree. I want to be able to use this simply because it seems useful in my education, as well, if I ever need it aside from that.

As far as my feedback from my essay, it’d appear that my biggest issue would be with my grammar, as I seem to miss some periods, commas, and indents here and there. Although my grammar has always been kind of an issue, I’m still actively working on it and hope to improve these next couple of weeks. Lastly, I’d found the video to be quite comical and interesting to watch! Thank you for sharing professor!

Have a great day!


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