Foundations of Mythology

Length: 700 to 1050 words

All key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way.

How is the word myth used popularly?: (.50 pts.)

How is the word myth used academically? (.50 pts.)

*Both of the above must be in your own words

The paper addresses the following: (.25 pts. each)

  • What the most common mythological themes are across different cultures
  • Why myths from different cultures around the world address similar or universal themes
  • Must relate how myths explain the unknown and tribulations of mankind
  • The relationship between belief, knowledge, mythology, and religion
  • Where mythology and religion intersect and diverge
  • What the function of myth and religion is in helping human beings cope with change, suffering, loss, and death
  • Whether you think mythology is still relevant in contemporary culture and how people resort to modern myths to deal with the unknown and hardships in life.

Content: (.25 pts. each)