Frankenstien, the modern day Prometheus

How does Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein adhere to, comment upon, further, or disrupt a theme or significant idea of the Romantic period of British literature?

Much like in your context papers, you will need to consider how reading this text within the context of Romantic literature affects your view or understanding of the text. This may involve examining a theme in the text we have talked about extensively or one we have barely mentioned (perhaps because the novel is doing something different from common examples of Romantic literature).

You will need to preform close readings of the text to support your thesis (you will need a thesis at the end of the introduction), so choosing a specific theme or idea will be beneficial. This will also involve using specific textual evidence as support. You might choose a specific scene or chapter to focus on.

Since this is the 200th anniversary of the text, the conclusion should also comment on how the text (and the theme or idea you have discussed) has continued relevance in the twenty-first century. Feel free to referenc popular culture or current events to determine such relevance, but be sure to maintain focus on the theme your paper examines. Use MLA format