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Gender bias in video games - Freshman Essays

Gender bias in video games

The video game industry is charged with sexism for the following three reasons: • The lack of female protagonists in video games • The failure to police sexual harassment on MMORPG servers and in console platform game rooms • Misogyny in the production side of video games In response, the industry claims that women don’t play video games or aren’t a significant sector of the market. As a result, they argue that there is no point in changing the industry’s culture or, more importantly, developing games with female heroes and lead characters. Developers believe women do not make compelling heroes; therefore, male gamers will not play video games that focus on female characters, and female gamers will play any hero that dominates competitors, regardless of the sex of the characters. Using original research (including a review of the Gamergate controversy and the Feminist Frequency’s online video game project), perform an analysis that answers the following questions: • Why is gaming now seen as a male activity when it wasn’t initially? • Who are today’s gamers and what are they playing? • Does the industry’s gender assessment of gamers sell its male consumers short, or are they correct about not needing female protagonists? What role do female gamers play in gaming today and its future? • Would games with more female protagonists grow the gaming audience or shrink it? • Why do some female gamers go to great lengths to fight misogyny in the gaming industry and attempt to change it? • Does the industry understand its audience? Is it performing good long-term analysis for its business model, or does its anti-woman stance stand to limit its growth and bring on a business decline? Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements: • Feel free to use the readings from this or any other module, in addition to incorporating at least two to three scholarly sources not used in this course. • Make your paper 3-4 pages in length, not