GEOG 101 College of the Canyons Geographies of identity

1. Why do many human geographers find the label ethnic conflict to be problematic?(Chapter 6) Is the crisis in Syria involving ISIS an ethnic conflict or is it something else?

2. If poor people move into a neighborhood where a toxic waste site is located, has environmental injustice occurred? Explain your reasoning. (Chapter 6)

3. How might a country’s geographic shape (compact, prorupt, elongated, fragmented…) contribute to centrifugal or centripetal forces amongst its peoples? (Chapter 7)

4. What are some costs and benefits associated with membership in a supranational organization such as the European Union or the United Nations? (Chapter 7)

5. Why are reapportionment and redistricting of electoral districts necessary every ten years? When does redistricting become gerrymandering? (Chapter 7)