geography discussion questions – VERY EASY

European countries have birth rates too low to sustain their current population levels, and it is believed that this is going to cause problems in the long term. Some governments address this issue by giving people who have children tax breaks and “parent-money,” which adds to the “child-money” that most European families are already getting. On the other hand, a country like China penalized families for having more than one child with the one-child policy and this measure has dramatically reduced the population growth since its implementation.

What do you think of these roles of governments in such decisions that most would regard as a private and personal matter? Do you believe that it will help the current demographic issues of Europe? Would such incentives influence you to have a larger family than you would have considered otherwise? Why do you think Europeans have so few children; this is not the case in the United States? Please research the topic and post the sources supporting your opinion.Write a paragraph of about 200 words.

Answer the initial question on the discussion board (200 words) and post a comment about two other student’s discussions.

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Please watch the documentary “Don’t Panic – The Facts About Population “. What is your reaction to this documentary? Write a paragraph of about 200 words .…