Glacier Experiment

This will be graded as an Assignment and as such will be extra points.

As described in class, you are to do this experiment and report your observations here. {BTW I added time to the due date since we had not discussed it in class.]

Do this near a sink and a refrigerator.

Put some ice in a tall glass and then fill the glass with water so the glass is almost full. Set the glass on a saucer and place them on a shelf in the refrigerator–not on the door.

Then add water to the glass so that it is full to the rim (the very top). Some of the ice should be sticking up a small amount above the glass top. Be sure that the water is level with the top.

If you have been careful there will be no water in the saucer. Carefully wipe up any water in the saucer.

What you will have is a glass which is full to the rim with ice higher than the rim. The outside of the glass and the saucer are both dry of water.

Now leave it sit for several hours until the ice melts; overnight would be good.

Write your observations in one or two paragraphs and post that here.