Google Consumer Segment And Behavior Presentation Help

This is what the slides need to be about and my project is on the company Google:

Prepare three slides summarizing your market research so far:

1. What consumer segment does your selected company serve in, and why are you pursuing it?

2. What are two to three resources you might use to obtain information on consumer behavior? Provide a rationale regarding why you selected each one.

3. What secondary research will you use to analyze the characteristics of the chosen segment?

Prepare four slides summarizing the market segmentation you have so far considered:

4. Which marketing approach will you use for your segment? Why do you believe it will be effective?

5. What are the key points about the approach used to segment your selected market? What is it based upon?

6. What is your selected consumer segment? Why do you believe it is a good fit?

7. What are the research needs for each segment?