Grant Writing Proposal Topic for a Paper

Week 2

In Week 2, you will develop project ideas for which you might be interested in seeking funding. With insights from this week’s Discussion in mind, you may wish to look ahead and begin considering the issues you might like to address.

Final Project

Your Final Project consists of three written assignments that culminate in the submission of your final Grant Proposal Submission to your Instructor in Week 11. Parts 1, 2, and 3 will focus on key elements required of all proposals. In the final Grant Proposal Submission, incorporating cumulative feedback you receive from your Instructor on preceding assignments, you will compile these elements into your grant proposal.

The three parts of the Final Project are:

  • Part 1: Need Statement, Goals, and Objectives (Due Week 6)
  • Part 2: Methodology and Evaluation Plans (Due Week 7)
  • Part 3: Budget, Budget Narrative, and Sustainability Plan (Due Week 9)

The final Grant Proposal Submission is due Week 11.

Review the Final Project Guidelines provided in this week’s Learning Resources for an overview of the Grant Proposal Submission.