Grayson Movie The Patriot Review History Assignment Help

The Patriot

  1. Where does the Martin family live? What year is it?
    2. Why does one of the assemblymen say it is treason to speak of the nation as America?
    3. In which war did Benjamin Martin fight? Which campaign?
    4. Where does Martin say that war will be fought? What do you believe he means by this?
    5. Describe the conflict between Martin and his son Gabriel. Do you think Gabriel should have listened to his father or his heart? Explain.
    6. Who is the leading British general in the movie?
    7. Describe the events leading up to Martin joining the fight for the Colonials?
    8. How does the militia treat the British when they surrender?
    9. What does Martin say about his part in the French and Indian War?
    10. Think about the end of the movie and what you already know about the Revolutionary War. Are there any strange things occurring that don’t match up with the true story? Describe them.
  • Rent and Watch each assigned movie.
  • Answer questions posted.
  • After you have answered the questions write a minimum of two pages for your reflection paper for each. Your answers to the questions do not count as your two page review. Your reflection paper should be about how you viewed the movie in relation to what you are learning in this class. Points to consider: Were there things that you did not know that you learned by watching the movie? How did the movie help you visualize the time period? What did you find interesting? What did you have problems with? Be specific as to what things you did and did not like and give examples.
  • Your 2 page reflection should be double spaced in 12 point font in Times New Roman. It should have no headings, normal margins, normal paragraph lengths (4 to 8 sentences), no double spaces between paragraphs (spacing twice), and should go from the top of the first page to the bottom of the second page. Your answers to the questions do not count towards your page length of the reflection. It should both be submitted as one file (answers and two page reflection). There is not a time limit when you access the assignment. Take your time and make sure it is done right. This will aid in offsetting poor quiz and test grades. If you have any questions, please email me.
  • The assignment will be completed through to check for plagiarism.