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h 20 Give Me Liberty & Voices of Freedom; video "The Century: America's Time 1929 - 1936, Stormy Weather" - Freshman Essays

h 20 Give Me Liberty & Voices of Freedom; video “The Century: America’s Time 1929 – 1936, Stormy Weather”

Who benefited and who suffered in the new consumer society of the 1920s?

In what ways did the government promote business interests in the 1920s?

Why did the protection of civil liberties gain importance in the 1920s?

What were the major flashpoints between fundamentalism and pluralism in the 1920s?

What were the causes of the Great Depression, and how effective were the government’s responses by 1932?

In Voices of Freedom, #133, The Fight for Civil Liberties (1921), why does the ACLU identify “organized movements of labor and of the farmers” as waging the “chief fight” for civil liberties in the United States?

In Voices of Freedom, #135, Congress Debates Immigration (1921), why does London argue that immigration restriction is based on “prejudice” rather than “reason”?

In Voices of Freedom, #138, Elsie Hill and Florence Kelley Debate the Equal Rights Amendment (1922), how do the arguments of Hill and Kelley reflect different definitions of women’s freedom and their role in society?

The Century: America’s Time Video

Why did veterans march on Washington? What was President Hoover’s response to the veterans march on Washington?

How many miles of land became known as the Dust Bowl?

What effect did the spread of the Depression have on the rest of the world?

Did the Depression change the way people thought of President Hoover?

Discuss anything significant you learned from watching the video.

How did the election of FDR change America?

Discuss anything else you found interesting in the reading or film for this week.