Healthcare Management Theories and Personal Assessment Discussions

A) Personal Assessment

This course looked at different concepts involved with human performance as well as organizational productivity. From what we covered in class as well as what you researched for the course for your term paper, provide one useful concept that you discovered as well as why you feel it is important.

B) Management Theories

There are a number of management theories that focus on productivity. Research the Internet for information on Scientific Management, Human Relations Movement, Theory X and Theory Y, and other theories that focus on improving productivity and performance. Select one field and explain what that particular theory states and how it would be used.

C) Processing Mapping

When looking at improving operations, many organizations undergo process mapping. This is a flowcharting of the processes to determine if the tasks being done are needed. At times, the process mapping shows some tasks are not needed and just add to the processing time. How would you determine the amount of time that is needed to complete a particular task?

D) Productivity and Human Performance

Based on what you have studied in this course, is the study of productivity or of human performance more important to your organization? Justify your response.