HIST 112 World Civilization since 1650

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Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, I want to bring out your creative side. Instead of writing a paper, you will create a PowerPoint based on the topic you choose.


The Declaration of Independence is one of the most powerful documents that came from the colonists in America against their mother country, England; or I should say against the Monarchy, King George. Staying true to ideology that came out of the Enlightenment period, Thomas Jefferson created this list of grievances against England and basically said American Colonists had enough. With this document, the colonists declared their independence. Please make sure you read through the Declaration of Independence. While it is one of our most revered documents, it should be a guide to your assignment. A link is also provided.

Declaration of Independence

In this assignment you are a modern day revolutionary. For the country you choose, you will research what is going on and decide on reasons for a new government. Basically, you want independence from the government that is already in power.

Read as many articles as you can, these articles will give you insight on what is going on in the country you chose. Make sure you get articles from reliable sources. This is the reason why you need more than just one source. Most of these articles will be newspapers articles but you will need to do a bit more research on the country itself.

All information has to be factual. The assignment will be done in a PowerPoint presentation. You will have to have visuals.

Below are guidelines for the PowerPoint presentation.

You can make it interesting by adding some voice or music, the choice is yours.

MAIN (General) REQUIREMENTS for PowerPoint.

The minimum number of sources and citations for your short paper is three sources. Any material that is not common knowledge has to be cited or any information that is taken directly from the site has to be cited and in quotations marks.

There is a word count for the entire presentation is 700-900 words. Anything less will not justify your research.

You need visuals in your presentation – a third of your presentation is to have visuals. –

Do not use background visuals, it’s hard to read the text and will not count as visuals.

The PowerPoint must include a cover slide with your name, course number and title (HIST112 – World Civilization Since 1650) instructor’s name, and date.

The rest of the directions for the Powerpoint are below.

Before I get into those directions —- Remember, the Declaration of Independence is a list of grievances against the King. You will be creating a list of grievances against the government/leader of the country you choose.

Directions for PowerPoint Presentation.

In this assignment you will be recreating, rewriting the Declaration of Independence in Modern Terms picking a Modern Country.

Slide 1 is the title of your Declaration, the class name, your name, my name and the date.

Slide 2 is an introduction of your Declaration explaining to me which country you choose and why.

Slide 3 you are to create your opening passages. This is equivalent to the first paragraph in the Declaration. The only passage you are allowed to use from the Declaration of Independence word for word is “When in course of human events”, the rest is in your own words.

Slides 4, 5 and 6 (or more) – You are then to come up with minimum of 9 grievances.

There needs to be three (3) grievances on each slide making. These grievances need to be in bullet form.

Right underneath the slide is the “Speaker Notes”. You will explain your grievances here. You need to make sure you give me the “why’ you went with that particular grievance.

Keep in mind, when you are talking about modern day governments, you NEED to take into account the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. We are talking about Present Day not yesteryear.


Slide information:

Obamacare – fines

In your notes section you will have:

Congress has passed a national health care legislation call the Affordable Health Care Act. The insurance is to cover anyone who does not have insurance. It has unintended effects where the uninsured has to pay a fine if they did not sign up for coverage. You will pay the “higher of the two amounts: either 2% of your yearly household income or 325 per person, 162.5 for each child.” (Healthcare.gov)

Slide 7 is your closing paragraph.

Again, you will use these words from the Declaration of Independence for your closing, “We, therefore, the Representatives of these” (put in the country you are representing here) and the closing reason for the your Declaration, closely resembling the Declaration of Independence.

Slide 8 is your Bibliography Slide – Remember you need three reliable sources.

For example:

References/Bibliography/Work Cited

“The fee you pay if you don’t have health coverage.” (2015). HealthCare.gov retrieved from https://www.healthcare.gov/fees-exemptions/fee-for-not-being-covered/

I found that in source citations in your notes section is the best on the PP.

For this assignment, History majors use insource citations in your PowerPoint. Using footnotes is cumbersome.