History online class

I need help with my discussion board for my online class and the class is modern world history. I will post what my teacher wants. The whole thing has to be at least a Paragraph

1.What factors led to the emergence of a popular independence movement in India, and why did this movement lead to the establishment of two states, India and Pakistan, rather than to a single India?

2. What was significant about the Amritsar Incident?

3. What were the causes and consequences of the Great Depression on the world?

4. How was Joseph Stalin’s going to achieve his Five Year Plans?

5. Discuss the early stages of American involvement in the World War II , which transformed the disaster at Pearl Harbor into a turning point in the Pacific by late 1942.

6. What events in the after 1942 and 43 turned World War II around to favor the Allies rather than the Axis?

7.Discuss the origins of the Cold War?

8. How did the Cold War affect Asian, and African countries? What were the major challenges facing the newly emerging nations in the postwar period?

9. What were the foreign policies of President Reagan? Discuss the Iran Contra affair?

10. What were the causes for demise of Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe?