History paper including an introduction and conclusion

. You will be expected to compose an essay of at least 5 paragraphs, including an introduction and conclusion and 3 body paragraphs. Each body paragraph must contain at least 2 specific examples as evidence to support your argument, making 6 total pieces of evidence. This evidence MUST be cited, and can ONLY come from class materials (your physical notes and sources, pre-printed class sources are acceptable, but NO electronic devices). This portion of the exam will be OPEN BOOK.

1) Throughout this course we have explored changes in the size and scope of the American Government, as well as of the expectations Americans had of their government. In an essay, describe those changes, the causes for change, and the ways those changes were brought about.

2) The Cold War had a profound effect on America over more than 40 years, not just in foreign policy but in domestic affairs as well. Explain some of these changes the conflict brought about in social, economic, and political terms.

PLEASE follow this guideline to finish each paper(number 1 and 2), each paper have at least 5 paragraphs and almost 2 pages. THANKS!