Holocaust Questions

Each question is a multi-facted approach to one key issue.

double space, 12 font, MLA format

Answer 3 questions in the paper

1. What was the role of christian anti-Judaism in the emergence of a virulent and lethal form of antisemitism in the 2oth century? is it valid to make connections between pre-Christian and medieval views about jews and their more modern expressions under Nazism? Use specific examples to define your response. How did father Pawlikowski define the role of Christian Europe in laying foundation for modern antisemitism?

2. What was Richard Wagners explanation of german nature or an inherent sense of what defines a true “German” Again, according to wagner why was the jew an “alien”?

3. What was the Artaman society and whay role did they play in the popularization of the concept of “lebensraum” the german goal to expand to the east for living space? how did the loss of WWI further intensify the german rationale that the movement to the east was their destiny? How did the nazis usurp these ideas and redraft them as their own?