How do hurricanes impact the US gulf states economy

The topic is “how do hurricanes impact the US gulf states economy “and my stance is that hurricanes have a negative affect on the economy. This essay should be 1,000-1,200-words and include a thesis, all major points, evidence to support these points (including in-text citations), counterclaims, and a Works Cited page (six sources can be found attached below and in form of attached links. you will need the username : halsowaidi, and password: Humaid12 in order to access the link. you need to include all six sources in the paper) .The Project consists of a 1000-1200 word academic essay that supports an arguable claim through background/context on the topic, evidence, counterarguments, and conclusion that offers the reader something for further thought. The essay is complemented by a presentation that retains the same purpose and claim as the essay, but presents the evidence-based argument in a digital medium. Part I: The Essay

You will generate an arguable claim and write a 1,000-1,200 word academic essay to support that claim, based on the following requirements:

    1. present your arguable claim in your thesis
    2. provide background on the topic
    3. use evidence to support your claim
    4. explain counterarguments and refute them to support your claim
    5. offer a conclusion that underscores why your argument matters within a larger context

This essay prepares you to compose the type of research-based academic writing that you will be asked to do throughout your academic career. the outline should be something like this

. Support point + source
. Support point +source
. Against point ( hurricanes do have positive affects on the economy+ source) with a support point that counters it
. Conclusion

Part II: The Presentation

After writing your academic essay, you will translate your argument into a presentation that retains the same purpose/claim as the essay. This presentation should follow the following requirements:

  1. Make a verbal argument that follows the thesis and claims presented in your written essay;
  2. Include a 4-6 minute spoken presentation to an audience of your peers during your class time; and
  3. Use Google Slides as a supplement to your in-class presentation. Your Google Slides presentation should (1) compliment the spoken presentation and (2) follow proper design principles reviewed during class.
  4. Evidence and outside materials (images, etc.) used in the digital remediation must be cited appropriately (document evidence through parenthetical citations in the text as well as on a Works Cited slide). PS there is a presentation attached for further information on how to write the paper please view it. under the name ” project three presentation”