How do people construct their identities in the modern world essay

Essential Question: How do people construct their (multiple) identities in the modern world?
Deliverable Length: 900-1200 words (typed, 12-pt font), in proper MLA format PLUS a Works Cited page
Essay Prompt: Consider the essential question for this unit and construct an essay that addresses it.
This is NOT A PERSONAL ESSAY, which means for this essay you are NOT talking about yourself, rather you are focusing on an academic discussion of generalities. You may choose to focus your essay on a single type of identity creation (like how someone builds their work identity or their personal
identity) or you may choose to write generally about how all the different types of identity are built and work together.
Your essay MUST:
Talk about identity creation generally – not your specific identity.
Include an introduction and conclusion with the number and style of body paragraphs that best fits your content.
Cite at least 2 of the readings from this unit.
Cite at least 1 outside resource other than the assigned readings.
Include at least 2 quoted citations and 2 paraphrased citations
Use proper spelling/grammar/syntax, but still maintain your natural voice (slang is okay, cursing is not forbidden but should be used skillfully and only when necessary)
Include 1 image that is relevant to your point/content
Your essay SHOULD:
Include specific examples or anecdotes to support your discussions
Use only third person point of view. You should speak as a public intellectual. Try to avoid the first and second person point of view.
Quote skillfully. This means: Integrate or merge the direct quote with your own analysis. Be sure to
Explain how the quote connects to your overall point. Be clear about how the direct evidence fits with your analysis.
Your essay MIGHT:
Sound more formal than you usually write, but it should still be your voice.