How do Robinson and Green define “community development?

Respond to each of the following questions:

At least one 300 words for each question . refrences also required in the end of each question.
1. How do Robinson and Green define “community development?” How do Phillips and Pittman define “community development?” How would you define, in your own words “community development,” if someone outside this class asked you what one was? )

2. Briefly discuss the history, present condition, and future of community development.

3. Describe in detail at least one of the seven theories of “community developers.”

4. Describe “asset based community development.” Be sure to include specific information about its primary characteristics and the ways in which it differs from other approaches to community development.

5. Reflect upon and critically review the material covered in this class up to this point –including various concepts, theories and research about community development. Be sure to include how this material has influenced your understanding of community development. (

Responses to the items above should be typed double space with 12 pt Times Roman font, using one inch margins on all sides. Direct quotes should be used minimally, but cited correctly with a works cited page and in-text citations. Good responses should cover each item fully, but succinctl