How do your parents view race ethnicity and culture

Write a short essay (no less than three pages) and discuss the opinions held by your parents and/or grandparents on race, ethnicity and culture.

  • What terms do they use to describe people of other races, ethnicities, cultures?
  • How do they talk about or possibly even exhibit racism? The opposite may also turn out to be true with regards to your parents and/or grandparents; they may have always been very accepting of others and accepting of difference. If that is the case, how did their neighbors view their open and inclusive attitudes in the past?
  • Place this conversation in historical and cultural context by discussing how a previous generation may have formed these views. This requires a little research on your part.

Your essay should be no less than three pages long, and must include three or more references. The references must be credible (no Wikipedia or random websites).

I am African American