How is Edward’s relationship with Sarah Ruth the ultimate catalyst for his maturity?

MLA Format. Note the margins (1ā€ on all sides), the font and font size (Times New Roman, 12 point), the spacing (double), and the headings. All essays must follow this format.

Page-length Requirement: 4-6 pages


Interesting and specific thesis that argues a point about the literary work

Does my essay clearly communicate the point Iā€™m making and why?

Claims, Evidence and Analysis

Ideas are well-developed, explained and supported

Do I provide relevant, substantial and concrete evidence (your own explanation and quotes/summary from the literary work) to persuade the reader that my claims are reasonable and credible? Do I explain how and why my evidence is important in light of my thesis?


Ideas are delivered in a logical order and clearly support the thesis

Does my essay establish a clear path for the reader to follow? Is it clear how one paragraph leads into another? (transitions)


Essay is free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors that impair meaning

Have I carefully edited my essay?

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