How Signs Work sound and image concept

please read below and reply with a 100+ word response that includes a quote and goes beyond a summary or quick reaction.

In “How Signs Work”, the author defines signs in two ways: sound-image and concept. Sound-image is through visuals while the concept is the actual definition. Thus, when a person hears vampire, the sound-image would be maybe Dracula or nowadays, Edward Cullen from Twilightwhile the concept of a vampire is a scary blood-sucking monster. The author also writes that signs can be interpreted however the reader wants it to be and that objects are related to signs. In “(Un)safe Sex: Romancing the Vampire”, Blackstein states that vampires are symbolized as “impossible desire and transgressed boundaries-the romantic idea that sex = death…” (Backstein 216). This quote shows that the concept of vampires has gradually changed because it went from scary to sexy. Twilight has gone away from the old traditions of a vampire and changed the way how people look at them now because they used romance in their movie.To compare love and vampires to “How Signs Work”, it is a symbolic and iconic way to make their point because Twilight was trying to make Edward seem like a good and bad guy because even though, he tried to control his desire for blood, he is still evil because of his sexual desires.