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Prompt : Monster in Society Argumentative Essay

“By monster I mean some horrendous presence or apparition that explodes all of your standards for harmony, order, and ethical conduct.” So says Joseph Campbell for a cross-cultural and mythological approach (The Power of Myth. NY: Doubleday, 1988. 222). Using this definition and “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” as a guide, identify a monster from society. This monster can be a single person, a corporation, group of people, community etc.

Your goal with this essay is to prove that the person or group you have chosen is in fact monstrous. You will need to use one theses from “Monster Culture: Seven Theses” and one other outside source as support for your claim. I choose my outside monster as ( pharmaceutical companies ). What makes this person or group monstrous? Why should we care? Your goal is to convince your reader so provide sufficient evidence. I will attach ( Monster Culture: Seven Theses ) here in which it is 23 pages as soon as i get a tutor.


Paper must be 4-6 pages.

Your essay must be in MLA format with a works cited page.

You must have a minimum of two outside readings cited (one source can be “Monster Culture”)

Paper outline:

English 99
Paper Identifying the Main Argument of a Text

First explain what the main argument of the text is and also identify who the target audience is. How do you know that ____ people are the target audience? Then, address how three sub-claims & evidence connect to the main argument. Explain how those sub-claims and corresponding evidence support or defend the main argument. Lastly, consider how the target audience would respond to those sub-claims. Would they be likely to agree or disagree with those sub-claims? Consider the values of the target audience and the quality of the evidence.