Human Leadership Management Article Review Essays

For every section presented, you are expected to read at least 2-4 related peer reviewed journal articles and write two article review essays (500 words each) related to your journal article readings. An example of a review essay is provided for your use as a “template”. It is important to provide a source citation for any information that is not the result of personal experience or research.

It is important that you follow the following format in writing your review essays (there is also an example located in Blackboard):

  • Identify the article you are reviewing with APA citation;
  • Describe the thesis of the article you are reviewing;
  • Provide evidence from the article to support your thesis description;
  • Provide your own thoughts and analysis on the thesis with external peer reviewed sources;
  • Keep quotations from the article to a minimum; and,
  • Make your essay about 500 words in length.

Section 2: Two article reviews about either A players/B players in the workforce and/or transformational leadership in regard to empowerment, motivation, productivity, or other relevant constructs.

Section 3: Two article reviews about Abileen Paradox and/or groupthink, or succession planning.

Section 4: Two articles about how absent leaders are no good, whether or not leadership is coachable, mentor and mentee relationships and their benefits, or effective project leadership.