Human Services Theory and Application Research Project

In this research paper, you will be examining a specific contemporary social problem that I have chosen which is Mental Health. In this paper, you will be expected to apply the knowledge you have about human services and the development of the human service professional.

In order to successfully complete this assignment, you will need to write a 12-page paper that includes the following sections: all bullets must be answered I also attached some stuff I did just in case you would like to add it to the paper

  • The historical antecedents of the social problem you have chosen and how those have impacted the current state of the social problem.
  • The roles and necessary skills of the human service professional that works with the population affected by the social problem.
  • The service delivery models, theories, and concepts that can be applied to the social problem.
  • Ethical and professional behavior related to diversity and difference in the population affected by the social problem.
  • A focus on the value of a multi-disciplinary approach to working with the population affected by the social problem.

By addressing each of these topics, you will gain an in-depth understanding not only of the problem of mental health that I have chosen, but how human service professionals work within and between agencies to help solve some of the most pressing social issues. Your paper should include the major headings and subheadings and should be formatted using APA guidelines (6th edition). You must also include and synthesize information from at least 10 references and the majority of those should be peer-reviewed journal articles that were published within the last 5–7 years. The ultimate goal is for you to incorporate what you have learned about mental health and through your research on the topic to offer a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the contemporary social problem and the role of the human service professional in addressing these problems.

Please original work please this is my final