I have a picture of an artifact and I need some information about it – I have included the question

I have a picture of an artifact and I want some information about it ( I will attach screen shot for the artifact from the book )

1- Research the artifact

First, use your textbook as a guide for basic info. You must also find ONE

QUALITY SOURCE to cite about the artifact.

Quality sources are often found easily in books and databases. A quality web source is an educational or museum website, or an online publication that is written by authorities in the field or professional journalists. Quality websites are concerned with aspects of education rather than sales. For instance, blogs written by scholars. Quality web sources have named authors.

2- Find the following information about the artifact:

Name of artifact:

Date (or approx. date) of creation

Creator (if known)

Geographic region of origin:


Size (if known):

Original use:

What material / social / political / global factors impacted your artifact’s creation?

How do these these factors manifest today in contemporary artifacts?