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I need to solve 31,32,33,and ,34

26. The television sitcom was interrupted for a special news bulletin___ and I poked my head out of the kitchen to listen to the announcement.
27. Plastic surgery was developed to repair damaged tissue___but today it is often used to improve one’s appearance.
28. A line of dancing numerals on Sesame Street kicked_;__across the screen like a chorus line.
29. My god-daughter’s favorite albums are Illmatic__,__ by Nas ___;__ Burrprint_,___ by Gucci Mane__;_ Friday Night Lights__,___ by somebody named J. Cole__;__ and a cornucopia of mix-tapes by one Rick Ross.
Re-work the rhetorical pattern in the independent clauses below to make three possibilities correct, i.e. re-write the two complete thoughts below with an appropriate punctuation mark or other rhetorical strategies. Remember: Deal with the blank space in Question #30 just below!
30. Ruth was tired of summer reruns____ she visited the town library to pick up some interesting books. (Please insert a “permissible” punctuation mark above.)
Now, in sentences #31-33 “JOIN” the two independent clauses above DIFFERENTLY from sentence #30, i.e. how would you deal with the middle ______ in #30 differently for #31-33?
31 . _______________________________________________________________
32. _______________________________________________________________
33. ________________________________________________________________
34. Generally, please do not end OR begin a quoted passage / quoted direct dialogue with an ellipsis, i.e. those three little dots (…)____ ellipsis points are more commonly placed in the middle of quoted passages, when used at all.
35. Please use the diagonal slash ( / ) at the end of lines of poetry when you__,__ refer to lines of poetry in your college writing: “What happens to a dream deferred? / Does it dry up / like a raisin in the sun? / Or fester like a sore –.”
36. The excellent grammarian, who received his training partly from Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland__,__ is rarely stumped by a student’s question___Could it be that any Morgan State University student may be the recipient of