I need a 10 page essay rogerian argument style on child abortion

Essay #4: Rogerian Argument

Prompt: Choose a topic you’re passionate about, something that is controversial and/or political. Write an essay where you use the Rogerian argument structure.

Genre: Rogerian arguments, developed by Psychologist Carl Rogers, take into consideration their audience and attempt to understand the opposing point of view. Some Rogerian arguments attempt to find a middle ground or at least acknowledge a mutual understanding of some points. Unlike the Toulmin method (which is the classical argument structure most students are familiar with), the Rogerian argument uses various rhetorical appeals to persuade its audience. Instead of focusing on a polarizing thesis that could alienate readers, the Rogerian argument aims to dissuade open conflict.

See the Rogerian and Classical handout under the Assignments page.


Word Count: 10 pages, MLA format with size 12 Times New Roman font.

Research: Six sources minimum. These can be a mix between scholarly sources and newspaper/magazine articles.