i need an Old Testament Timeline Narrative


You will write a 1500–2500-word paper that describes in narrative form a timeline of events through the Old Testament (from Genesis to Malachi). This timeline narrative must include important people, events, and dates, describing these chronologically through the period of creation to the post-exilic period (roughly 400 BC). The timeline must give special attention to dates and events that are significant to a study of the Old Testament. The assignment must include Scripture references that correspond to the people, events, and dates described in the narrative. Additionally, while focusing on Old Testament history, the narrative must include relevant correlation to ancient Near Eastern dates, events, and figures (especially as these impact the Old Testament). You should consult and cite sources other than the Bible for this assignment. However, it is important that you do not simply reproduce another Old Testament timeline; the narrative description of Old Testament history reflected by this assignment must be original work.

The following is a suggested layout of subheadings/divisions to mark out the timeline narrative. However, you may take liberty in adapting or augmenting these divisions as desired.

  • Creation/primeval history
  • The Patriarchal Period
  • Egyptian Bondage and Exodus
  • The Conquest and Period of the Judges
  • United Monarchy
  • The Divided Kingdom through the Pre-Exilic Period
  • Exile
  • The Post-Exilic Period