I need help in these questions. These are short Questions. I just need 2-3 lines each answer

All the Questions need to be answer in 2 to 3 lines because I need short and to the point answers.

  • 1)How tolerant are you of other religions and their practice?
  • 2)How tolerant are Americans?
  • 3)How tolerant are fellow Muslims?
  • 4)What would you suggest to make all ore tolerant of other people’s beliefs?
  • 5)In Christianity, there is the Old Testament and the New Testament: Is God always evolving?
  • 6)How much do you count on God or Allah intervening in your life?
  • 7)Provide two questions you want to ask about Christianity?
  • 8)What is something new or interesting that you learned about with Buddhism?
  • 9)Is it possible to find outer peace by controlling your inner thoughts?
  • 10)How much do you meditate? Is this something you do regularly?
  • 11)What is the most interesting part of the Jewish faith?
  • 12)How is having an “afterlife” important to religion? How is it unimportant?
  • 13)In what ways are Jews similar to Muslims? In what ways are they very different?
  • 14)Confucianism believes that all people are inherently good: Is this true? What makes people evil?
  • 15)How important are family relationships to you?
  • 16)Confucianism and other Eastern religions focus in the internal over the external. What are the benefits of this type of religion? What are the drawbacks?
  • 17)What is the biggest misunderstanding about Islam in America? How can we correct this?
  • 18)How is Islam like Christianity? How is it different? Are they Compatible?