Illustration and design

youtube. com/ watch?v=oDOkNYzIbbk

Pick one topic or term discussed in the readings & viewings that you think is important or stood out to you. It can be from directly from the reading or video or, if needed, from the list of topics below:


Defining paint styles

Paint Bucket and Eyedropper tools


Radial and linear gradient

Gradient tool and Gradient panel

Gradients to blends or mesh

Mesh Tool

Stroke panels

Locking and hiding objects


Measure tool


PostScript Fonts

Multiple Master fonts


TrueType Fonts

Stacking order

Bitmap Fonts

Character panel

Paragraph panel

Type Tool

Wrapping and creating headlines

Threading and unthreading text blocks

Outlining type Advanced type functions Customizing fonts

Your response:

There are FOUR items to each response: Item A (topic), Item B (definition), Item C (page or video timeline reference, or module topic), and Item D (discussion) unless specified otherwise. When you respond, they should be labeled accordingly.

Your response should have a 70 word minimum.