Illustration Graphics

After watching & reading this week’s materials, click here to view and download Adobe’s “Join & Trim Paths” tutorial. You will be doing this practice tutorial as described on Adobe’s website. This practice is an extension of Week 3’s logo building and hands-on time within Illustrator. Simply follow the instructions on this page, and then upload your finished practice file in the discussion threads below.

Also within the discussion area this week please submit two URL/web links that feature Illustrator or vector art along with a short paragraph (5 sentence) description for each of these links describing how you believe vector art was used. For example – perform an online search for how vector art is utilized in advertising, video, movies, etc. Instructional videos, animation, network video bumpers are all also examples of where vector art illustration is used. Please reference example websites shared in the Week 4 Task List.

Two examples for inspiration:

1) Treehouse App/Web Development:

2) 15Four Production Animation Reel:

Submit the following:

1) Two (2) websites/links that feature vector art. These websites can be on whatever topic you choose as long as they accurately portray vector artwork.

2) A paragraph for each of these websites describing how you believe vector art was used. What tools or steps within Illustrator do you believe were utilized? Were any other programs used to develop this artwork?

3) Your finalized Join & Trim Paths practice file from Adobe, attached as an Illustrator (.ai) file. (This is how I am able to check your work 😉