Immigration and Crime: An American Dilemma Research Topic

the topic is Immigration and Crime: An American Dilemma

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Course Assignments & Rubric


Research Topic and Introduction Development

Students must present their research topic with clarity. The topic must include the component(s) being researched, premise, hypothesis, research questions, and proposed method(s). The introduction must visibly illustrate the topic and components being researched. Topics cannot be changed after January 29, 2019.

Introduction and Methods

The introduction should clearly indicate what the paper aims to discuss and outline the research question(s) posed. This section should also show the correlation between the variables and questions for study.

The methods section must undoubtedly illustrate which method is being employed to answer the research question(s), discussed in the introduction. A technical approach, sample and parameter information must also be identified in this section. The time frame, location, and perceived limitations to the study are also critical for this section. The theory, hypothesis, and research questions must be reaffirmed; and a thorough discussion of tests and verifiable measurements should be addressed in this section.

Statement of the Problem

The statement of the problem must identify (1) why the topic is being researched, (2) proposed areas of concern/need, and a (3) discussion and inclusion of proposed research questions.

Literature Reviewed

Researchers should review and assess relevant work in the field and across disciplines to formulate a concrete argument to support the hypothesis(ses). Literature might only point to work conducted in opposition to the author’s claim. It is the responsibility of the researcher to base research in empiricism and therefore use some secondary data to complete the research. An annotated bibliography differs from a literature review. The literature review must be a critical analysis of the works examined.

all works should be in (1-4) pages