Immigration: are we obligated to allow immigrants n our country?

Please explain those two arguments

  • Immigrants have the right to be allowed in our country because this country was built by immigrants. People are coming here to look for a better life and therefore, as a wealthy country we are obligated to provide them with this opportunity.
  • Immigrants positively benefit US economy. Immigrants are employers, employees and consumers. This means that they create jobs, pay taxes and spend their money on goods and services. From utilitarian perspective not allowing such an advantage would be a harm to the benefit of American people.

This is to explain that I believe that we are obligated to allow immigrants in our country. It needs to use Utilitarian theory in explaining those arguments. Please include some examples with statistic to prove that its beneficial to allow them in this country. This is for a presentation so there is no need to use formal language, just in your own words that I can just read it for my presentation.

Also, i need power point presentation that goes along with the explanation.

Thank you