Improve gramma and add scholarly sources

The requirement is to improve the grammar in following essay, and also add minimum of three scholarly sources in essay, with in-text citations for each one.

Also, if the essay has any problem with the ideas, it’s ok to change it.

Just in case the requirement of this essay is to read the novel “in the skin of lion” and ask following question:“Inside and Outside”: Ondaatje’s novel is focused on conveying the experience of the disenfranchised immigrants who built Toronto, to give voice to their silent stories. The Bloor Street bridge and the tunnel under Lake Ontario are built by several nationalities of immigrant men working long hours, and Patrick Lewis is our entry into this secret world. Patrick is not an immigrant, yet he chooses to live among those who don’t understand him and vice versa, in language and in habit. This tendency to stay on the outside yet to long to be inside recurs throughout In the Skin of a Lion, and symbolizes the conflicting desires of immigrants: to truly belong to a new country, be inside of and accepted by a new society, and yet to not lose their own culture, language, and heritage. Examine this problem of the unstable periphery, where Patrick and other characters can neither belong nor be completely separate. How does this tension drive the plot to the novel’s climax?

Here is the essay and the novel…