Information Pamphlet- Early Childhood -STEM

*Only need blue section completed on template. Detailed information but not overwhelming* (BOLD IS WHAT I NEED DONE)

Early childhood professionals are expected to be knowledgeable of current policy and legislation in the field. In this Assignment, you will research current policy and legislation in early childhood on a topic assigned to you by the instructor (TOPIC IS STEM). After describing the historical impact of this policy or legislation and its impact on early childhood, you will create a plan of advocacy to share this information with parents and professional colleagues.

Each student was assigned to a team in Unit 4, each team was assigned a topic, and the Assignment was discussed at length in the Unit 4 Seminar. This affords your team more than four units during which to arrange several meetings and organize your strategy for completing this Assignment.

In your group, research the policy or legislation assigned to your group by your instructor.

As a team, complete an educational pamphlet based upon your research.

The educational pamphlet should follow this general outline:

  • Introduction: Presenting thesis and purpose of the educational pamphlet- (BLUE SECTION)
  • Begin by describing the policy or legislation-(BLUE SECTION)
  • Discuss in detail the historical impact this issue has on early childhood
  • Create a plan of advocacy to share this information with parents and professional colleagues. Be specific with the action items in your plan. The KU Writing Center has information on how to use APA formatting. You can access the Writing Center from the Academic Tools tab in any unit or with the following link:
  • Conclusion: Reviewing main points and summarizing the educational pamphlet
  • References: Three APA formatted references(INCLUDE)