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Integrated Unit Plan Part 2 Lesson Plans - Freshman Essays

Integrated Unit Plan Part 2 Lesson Plans


Integrated Unit Plan Part 2: Lesson Plans Instructions

You will write 5 lesson plans that center around your chosen unit topic. Use the Lesson Plan Template provided. Lessons must be written in a script-like manner, much as you would submit to evaluators assessing a lesson that you might be demonstrating, or even as for a substitute, so that virtually any educator could implement it successfully. Ensure you have details of who, what, when, where, why, how, etc.

Each of the following components must be addressed:

  • Subject and Grade Level
  • Topic
  • Standards
  • Measurable Objectives
  • Materials
  • Character Education Principles
  • Set
  • Instructions
  • Guided Practice
  • Independent Practice
  • Closure
  • Evaluation

This is 3rd grade social studies self contained emotionally disabled class

Topic is: South Carolina locations and physical features

Standard: 3-1 The student will be able to demonstrate their understanding of places and regions and the role of human systems in South Carolina.