Intelligence Support for Homeland Security Discussion

Write an essay addressing at least two current limitations or anticipated future challenges in intelligence support to the homeland security enterprise.

Some examples of topics to consider include any challenges expected to be encountered in collecting, analyzing, sharing or disseminating intelligence to protect the homeland. This paper could provide an examination of the various elements that comprise the intelligence community from local law enforcement to national agencies and how each of those entities contributes to the development of homeland security intelligence in the future. You could address any unresolved challenges from the 9/11 attacks such as the continued difficulty getting various agencies from all three levels of government to collaborate, as well as intelligence sharing lapses that can get worse based on the impact of unauthorized disclosures from individuals such as Snowden and Manning. You could address the challenges of providing intelligence support for homeland security while maintaining civil liberties in a digital age, or emerging trends and patterns such as homegrown terrorism and the proliferation of communication encryption technologies. What is the future of intelligence for homeland security in a multi-polar and chaotic cyber world with no one government agency in-charge of securing networks and the increased role of state and local agencies?

You must use peer reviewed or official government references. (I consider think tank reports to be peer reviewed).

Technical Requirements:
Length: MAXIMUM 6 pages double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font left justified format.
Citations/References: You must use APA style for this assignment.