interview someone

This paper takes the place of a test on the 1950s and 1960s era. Therefore, it is worth 50 points as follows:

1. Research (interviews) and organization. 40 points. You will begraded on the quality of information, i.e., how much information you were able toacquire, the depth of analysis/comparison of then to now and how wellwritten the paper is.

2. Grammar, layout of the paper (following the criteria). 10 points. Thepaper is to be written in paragraph form, including the interviews.

This paper should be very enjoyable because it will give you the opportunityto talk with parents, grandparents, and other people you know tolearn what their lives were like as they were growing up. This paper isdue on the Wednesday following Thanksgiving vacation.

The paper will have 2 parts.

For the first part, you will interview one or more people who were teenagersduring the decades of the 1950s, ’60s, or ’70s in order to find out what their culture was like. You must include the names of whom you interviewed and their relationship toyou (grandparent, friend, etc). Ask questions regarding the kinds ofclothes they wore, what they did for fun, what music they listened to, thekinds of dances that were popular, the movies and tv shows they watched, thekinds of books they read, the things that people valued then, howparents were different (and the same) as now, etc. Anything goes becauseyour goal is to learn what life was like in those decades. This part ofthe paper must be at least 1 full page and written in paragraph form.

The second part of the paper will be your reflection regarding howthose decades are different from our own, including your own opinionabout those differences. This part of the paper will requirethoughtful analysis and reflection that goes beyond just mere statements. Itwill require examples and explanations. This part must be at least onefull page.

The criteria for the paper:

At least 2 pages divided as stated above, 1.5 spacing, Times New Roman, 11pt., justified margins.