Introduction to Humanities

As per instructions on your HW essay sheets (5 sets found on your on line course shell), you can choose the minimum required number of essays. All must make use of a word processing program (i.e. MS Word). Essays are brief writings in prose that examine a subject or matter. Each essay must comprise of number, written question, and at least three paragraphs. Each essay must have a minimum of 300 words (e.g. 3 essays, 900 words). Each essay must present an original idea, claim and construction. Information can be gathered from the course text, other texts, as well as the internet. Clearly include information regarding sources used to write your essay (MLAs, citations, work cited, references, etc.), when necessary. Please be advised that, as many other instructors, I use, a software known as “Turn-it-in”, capable of identifying amount of plagiarism –

1. Describe one of the three regions of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Bring names of characters, punishments or retributions, and their moral values.

2, Describe the Carolingian Renaissance.

or two questions of your choice to complete. please see upload