Introduction to Literature

Your first paper will be a poetry analysis paper. You should choose one of the five poems below, which we have not read in class:

  • Adrianne Rich, “Diving into the Wreck” (603)
  • Museé des Beaux Arts, by WH Auden (689)
  • My Last Dutchess, by Robert Browning (692)
  • Yet I Do Mavel, by Countee Cullen (696)
  • Digging, by Seamus Haney (713)

These are all difficult poems that require sustained reading and (possibly) some research. You should read the poem carefully, several times, until you feel comfortable explaining what it means and how its formal elements (meter, rhyme, symbol, imagery, etc.) support that meaning. You do not have to try to say everything that it means. Rather, I would like you to choose one formal element and examine it in relation to the poem’s major theme.

Your paper should be between 3-4 pages and will be due on or before November 9.