“ism” Project

The “ism” Project

Lesson Description:

In groups of two, you will create and present a 10 minute presentation on a period of art history. The periods will be randomly assigned, but you will present chronologically. You will be graded on: Using appropriate visual aides to support your research, how well you answer the questions below regarding the art movement you were assigned, Clarity and preparedness of presentation.


  • You must help research.

2. You must present 6 slides.

3. You are responsible with creating a study guide for the class, much like The study guides you create will be distributed to the class. Do a good job!

4. You must have 12 slides

Slide 1: Title Card

Slides 2-11: Material Slides

Slide 12: Bibliography


  • Fauvism Socialist Realism
  • Symbolism Vorticism
  • Expressionism Impressionism
  • Dadaism Magic Realism
  • Surrealism
  • Abstract Expressionism
  • American Impressionism
  • American Modernism
  • Cubism
  • Futurism
  • Post Modernism
  • Romanticism
  • Neo-Classism
  • Orphism
  • Photo Realism
  • Pointillism
  • Post-Impressionism
  • Realism

Answer these questions

1) What time period did your movement cover?

2) Where did the movement begin?

3) What was going on in the world during that particular time that contributed to this movement developing? Did any historical events influence this movement?

4) What was the status of artists during this time period?

5) How does this period relate to the art period that came before it, and the period that came after it?

6) What are the defining visual characteristics of this style?

7) What are the overall conceptual themes of this movement?

8) Who are the major artists of this movement?

9) Why do you think these artists created the movement?

10) What type of art came out of the movement (drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.)?

11) Were there specific techniques/skills used to create the art?

12) Was there a specific color scheme used (warm, cool, earth tones, etc.)?


You must consult at least 5 academic sources (PS, Wikipedia is NOT an academic source.) Slide 12 of your presentation must be a bibliography. Plagiarism can be an issue with this assignment. If you are unsure what plagiarism is, please talk to me. If you’re going to read a quote, make sure to say whom it is from. If you are putting a quote or a paraphrase on your slide, be sure to cite it. Your presentation must be uploaded to Blackboard.

The Artwork

You must present at least 5 artworks in your presentation that you feel epitomize your movement. (These will be part of Slides 2-11).

• You are looking for works that EPITOMIZE your movement.

That means you do not grab the first 5 images that appear on Google Search.

•You must label each artwork on the slide.

Title, Artist, Year Made, Medium

•You need to be able to explain in detail why these artworks are representative of your period.

•What stylistic characteristics does it share with the movement?

•What conceptual concerns does it share?

Requirements (What do I need to do?)


Using appropriate visual aides to support your research;

How well you answer the questions regarding the art movement you were assigned;

Clarity and preparedness of presentation.